Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcome to the Family B2

I often use this space to brag about my amazingly awesome friends. However, many times I feel like I do not have adequate words to do my friends or their stories justice so there are just as many times that I'll want to write a tribute, yet cannot come up with anything that accurately portrays their gift or the moment.

Long disclaimer aside, I have struggled for nearly two weeks trying to come up with a few words that are appropriate, adequate and somehow express the honor I felt when at around noon two weeks ago, when my friend K asked me to be present for the birth of her and B's son. I scampered around my office and then house like an idiot, throwing snacks, clothes and other essentials into a bag, made the trek south to the hospital and waited.

And waited.
And waited.

Finally, at around 2:05 a.m. little B2 made his grand and yet somewhat reluctant entrance into this bright, unforgiving world.

I could flood this space with a span of emotions and a recounting of all the little stories that came from the time shared that day. It was a range that went from ravenous hunger, silly laughter, nervous small-talk, to utter amazement, a fierce sense of calm, aerobic heart thumping nervousness, unparalleled bravery, unconditional love, terror, joy, pain, exhaustion and everything in between. But in the end, I cannot tell any of these stories because I keep coming back to this feeling deep in my guts that this whole experience, this whole gift that my friends gave me by their sharing of themselves and their moment, it is too sacred, too personal, and really just so much more than I could ever put into words.

That said, I have never felt more honored than I was to be asked to watch this little man, who I have been calling B2 (because of several uncanny characteristics that already make me think he'll be a small clone of his daddy/B1), make his grand entrance into our crazy, mixed up, beautiful lives. I will forever feel a fierce committment to protecting and caring for the little guy as I watch him grow, discover the world, skin his knees, and bonk his head.

To B&K: thank you seems so inadequate for this gift you gave of sharing your day and these moments. I am limited once again by words. The two of you have provided for me a calm, and respite, and refuge, and so many side splitting laughs during the past two years of uncertainty.

I know that I will never repay you, and yet, I'll continue to try. To B2: you have many wonderful and caring blood relatives to guide you on your way, but never underestimate the love your crazy aunt ali has for you. It already knows no bounds.

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  1. Oh, this B is as cute as my B:-) I just love babies.