Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Locked My Keys In The "Car"

I locked my keys in my car this a.m. I called my super hero daddy-o, who quickly appeared with his jimmy from his coppin' days, one of his buddies, the big ass orange truck they drive. I was on the phone when they arrived at my office; and they were successful at their break in with liketdy split speed; and of course the alarm went off. He hurries in to my office to find me, and eventually we were all three rustling around the car looking endlessly for my keys, horn blasting, the entire office looking out the windows, surely thinking WTF?.....only to find that the KEYS WERE ON THE ROOF THE ENTIRE TIME.

And of course, I was not quick enough to say:
"Oh here they are on the floorboard."

I instead, blurt out:
"OMG, dumbass of the year. They are ON THE ROOF!"

At which point my dad said a few swear words, and his buddy nearly fell out of his truck in laughter. Awesome.

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