Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cross Fit THIS!

I finally acquiesed and went to my friend Leigh Ann's Cross Fit gym last night. I did the "free trial" workout, knowing full well:

1. She would kick my ass (she has been kicking it since, oh third or fourth grade in various sports endeavors).

2. I would likely get sucked into this whole progam and "join up."

I was successful on both counts. My quads were so sore this a.m. that I had to sit down and "take a break" as I descended MY OWN STAIRS.

I thought I was in shape? Apparently not! My only regret is that I did not try this sooner. I am now close to racing season and would really like to have a couple months of this under my belt already. But I procrastinate and I really loved my kickboxing and it was so very hard to bid that workout adieu for a bit. Nonetheless, I am super pumped to see how these workouts improve my explosive power on the bike.
Give me two months....

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