Monday, March 31, 2008

The Intro

I am fully aware of the idea that an effective blog should preach about or be themed around a specific topic. That said, I really could care less if I am effective in my personal blogging and therefore will throw caution to the wind and write about what strikes me. Typically this will have something to do with bikes, books, the environment or general mayhem or merriment. I dislike George Bush. I love my friends and find their stories worth telling. I live in Iowa. Deal with it.

I tried my hand at a MySpace private friends blog and have found myself writing about what I read, see on the big screen, and what I'm listening to--except every time I write a really good post, the thing seems to crash and I wind up cussing and not returning for a week, so hence my foray into blogging for big girls...blogger.

Now we'll see if I ever have time to write in the thing.