Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Spied here, in the comments.  There is no link to this man because he did not include one, but I wish he'd write more. Subsequent post (from me) to follow, but this entire heart-breaking story reminded me of what was going on in my world when I wrote this:  

"...I take issue with the idea that marriage (or long-term relationships) are supposed to make one happy or that butterflies are somehow involved in true love. Sometimes love is hard; sometimes it’s trying to make us into better people than we would be without it. If relationships were designed to make us happy, we wouldn’t need all of the vows and promises. We sell love short when we think that feeling happy is love’s goal. All that said, I am quite happy, and I pray that you will one day be happy again too. Blessings."  ~Jared

On a lighter note, sometimes one can win the lottery of lotteries and get the butterflies and good, sweet, change your life lovin' to boot. That's exceptionally lucky.  

I thought my entire adult life, I'd win the lottery. 
And then I did.

Monday, December 27, 2010

T Says....

There are things that you should be writing about, he said. And I looked at him, somewhat surprised and asked, "Exactly what?"

And he responded, without hesitation or trepidation, "Things about us, and you raising me, mom.  You need to write about the things that make us sad and the things that are awesome and funny because I have been thinking about how maybe we could help out the other people who are doing it like we are, mom.  And that's important. Helping people is important. YOU told me that, so you need to do it, and I'll help you remember, and you'll write about it.  Okay mom?"