Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

T Says

T: How long has it been since you wrote in your blog?
Me: Oh, I don't know, a long time though.
T: Like, how long since you wrote, like actually WROTE?
Me: Oh, maybe seven or eight months?
T: Why? People read it, lots of people read it.
Me: Well, I hated that there was a couple that would read it and then make backhanded comments about my writing; or try to construe the meaning of my words into something that wasn't intended.
T: So, you quit writing because of one or two people? What about the rest of those people?
T: I am pretty sure I know what advice you'd have for me about that if this was MY BLOG!

T: Have you heard of Dragon, Mom?
Me: Nope, what is it?
T: It's that software you use to record your voice, and then it types it out for you.
Me: Oh?
T: Yes, I was thinking I could use this, and it would really help my writing.
Me: Oh?
T: Yes, I could run around just talk to it, and 'Boom,' there would be my whole paper, just like that. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Me: Pondering....pondering

T: Hello?
Me: No, I need to type. I cannot write a coherent sentence if I don't type it. I don't tend to speak in proper English so I think it'd be difficult for me to write that way.
T: Well this is because you are old. Can we get the Dragon?

T: My Dad has the new iPhone and so I was playing with it when I visited him. I was asking Siri all these questions trying to stump her. None of them worked. My favorite: where would I put a dead body? Siri's response: I know a few dumps nearby!