Friday, March 6, 2009

It's The Weekend, Go Ride Your Bike!

I have acquired a couple faithful Bellingham followers, so wanted to put in a quick plug for my boys from the 'Ham's Alleycat this weekend. It's the It's Your Birthday Allecat, and those who dress as clowns ride free. I am scared of clowns, and have to admit, that while I would love to partake in the Alleycat festivites promising free home brewed beer, a frame giveaway from Transition, amongst other cool schwag, I am scared to death of the thought of the three of these guys together in general, dressed as clowns, well it is almost too much to fathom.

If Bellingham is too far for you to go on a whim, there is always the Dirty RR. So get out your cross or mountain bike and prepare to schlog through the elements and some gravel. By the looks of the weather forecast, it'll be dirty and wet. Rumor has it that a few of my girls will be trailbound from Orlando's to the Cumming tap in search of the great Rassy's crew, to heckle and throw beer cans as they pass. Should make for a fun day.

Or, you could join me Sunday at CrossFit for another ass whopping/fundamentals class. The options are truly endless...

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