Friday, March 20, 2009

Team Outing

The cycling crew got together at Jethro's last night and T came along to meet the team. He was on his best behavior and walked out fairly enamored by my teammates.

His words: "such a nice group of people mom, you should really feel great about that."

Jethro's is my new fave place: comes complete with waiters who make you laugh until you cry, an eclectic mix of clientele, the tastiest ribs ever, mouth watering brisket, damned good cornbread, gooey garlic mashed potatoes, a healthy beer selection, and EVERY SINGLE NCAA GAME televised.

Yes, we are in the Midwest, it is March Madness, and I could not be happier about the gluttony.

I COULD be happier about my child's new food budget (and shoe budget and pants budget, which are posts for other days) which seems to be eating larger and larger portions of my paycheck as T's self-described "growing worm" ravages its way through his quickly-approaching-my-size-body. My kid orders his steaks medium rare, extra sides of sausage and bacon whenever possible, and now this...full racks of ribs.

At least he has taste. Enjoy the weekend. We'll be watching hoops and comparing brackets if you need us.

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