Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Racing Season IS Here...And So Is SNOW!?!?

Racing season is upon us folks, and while we've done plenty of bragging about our 70 degree cloudless days, it will surely snow again, and for good measure, why not this weekend....because after all,this is Iowa.

How about this weekend?

That's right, the forecast calls for rain mixed with snow and ice for our big debut Sunday. It will be interesting to see how my bike works on steep descents with no brakes. But those are mere details. I am trying my best to focus on the positive; moreso than freezing my ass off, crashing or finishing DFL. Racing season means spending more time with these lovely ladies, and suffering along side them:

It means earning your post ride beers, in places like this:And most importantly, it means connecting with beautiful people like Gayle (below), more often than the typical once-a-year-at-Ragbrai. If there was ever a woman I met on a bike who is my sister from another mother, it is Gayle. I cannot wait to give her a big 'ole hug this weekend, swap some stories, introduce our children and share a couple beers. Together on bikes we are the perfect combination of "Sag-a-ga-wee-a" and overachiever. We are even more dangerous, however, when we are thinking about biking, but not biking.

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