Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The full trip report forthcometh, in the meantime, meet Raymond. The day Keely and I met him he was being booted from the Tulsa YMCA. It was not clear how long he'd lived there, but he was looking this day, for a new home. One "complete with lots of silence, and Care Bears so I can align the zeros in my head, all in a row."

Raymond is a proud Korean Vet, in the process of writing his first book (about the homeless), where he hopes to pull together the common attributes of 1,000 of the colorful homeless folks he met during six years of self-induced homelessness along the east coast.

Raymond was also a self proclaimed "huge advocate" of reflectors and bike lights just like the ones he had on the planes he flew in Korea. We met him outside our Tulsa home one morning pre-ride. He stopped by again later that evening so we could see his (new/different than this) bike, all lit up, with a fancy 2x4 constructed trailer.
Raymond's motto, ask every person you see how they are doing.
When they respond and ask how HE'S doing, reply:
Oh, I'm getting older and uglier.
Aren't we all?

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