Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ragbrai Announces Route...And If I Get Lucky There Might Be A Bed In My Future

Just when I was starting to develop a steady stream of mom followers, what with my home improvement nightmares and my child's witticisms, I'm switching things up (against all the rules of blogging 101) to talk biking.

Forgive me, but there are very few times throughout this frozen hell we call winter, that we in the Midwest who enjoy two wheeled pleasures moreso than any other thing are allowed to gorge ourselves with a fat dose of hope.

And the day they announce the Ragbrai route is one. Come to think of it, I don't know of any other days during winter that lend this sort of hope.


On this great frigid day; we start thinking about training rides, beers in Cumming, grinders in Woodward, tents, overnights, pork chops, shammies, whether we know people in these towns, and about exactly how many times Jarid will play Kid Rock in this year's peleton. But perhaps most importantly, we will have ourselves a little reality check about our fitness (or lack thereof).

It is on this day, that many a midwestern Ragbrai-er decides either to:

A). Kick it in gear at the gym soas not to suck wind on those frightful cold, hellacious, WINDY first days in the saddle

B). Promptly crack open a Busch Light, PBR or whatever schwaggy beer your Team of Ragbrai choice drinks and ponder better days ahead

C). Belch and go back to bed for three months

D). All of the above

Yes, it's true, it's not ALL Barack Obama all the time here in Iowa... Ragbrai too offers hope. I feel it. The fifteen foot mountain of snow outside the office window might actually melt before someone finds me face first and frozen into it. Some day, summer will appear and we will blissfully return to bitching about something different: the humidity and mosquitoes.

But at least then we will be riding bikes.

According to the overnight announcement, there will be hills, and there will be BEDS in at least one town, and even an opportunity for laundry. And of course there is the given: FUN.


  1. For THIS mommy blogger, cycling is the *perfect* post! Someday I'd love to experience RAGRAI...for now, I look forward to experiencing my new bike. Someday the frozen Minnesota roads will thaw...

  2. Write about cycling all you want! Just a side note: it'll be 70 degrees here (NE FL)this weekend. I'll be riding--yes I will.