Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear Blog,

Sorry I have been such a neglectful blogger/owner. I promise to not leave you hanging like this again, as when I do, my posts are but a cluster of manic proportions. Here goes...

1. Home Improvement: the hallway, stairs, entry and living room are complete! And now we are on to the kitchen. Despite my child reporting that my initial efforts in the kitchen "looked like somebody took a little poop and spread it on the walls," I have to say, I am quite happy with how it's turning out. As you'll see from the pics, it is not yet trim complete, but I am happy with the transition that ties the two rooms together, and the dark brown...I totally LOVE it. A peek:

2. Guest Blogging: As if I weren't already neglectful enough of my OWN blog and responsibilities, I have taken on a few "side gigs" of late. It has been oh-so-fun, using my brain again. Not that anybody reads this blog anyways...but those that may stumble upon it should also go here as I will soon appear as a guest blogger on this very much more interesting than my own blog, blog. This mom has such a following that she even gives cool shit this...and this (you can still register for both). Some day maybe I'll be a teensy bit more, um, on topic and have people begging me to give away schwag on here too. Like trim paint brushes. Or new pedals. Hey! It never hurts to dream.

And as a related, but not related sidenote....I also am happy to report that I recently won some cool schwag here in a separate contest. Single moms are cool.

3. Running: given that I have not run longer than two miles in a single stretch since I completed my last half marathon, I figured I might as well sign up for another. A hilly one. And one that is earlier than any race I have ever run...well, ever. The motivation? This guy. Playing in a concert later that night, right there on the Vandy campus. Guess I'd best start training or I won't make it to the show, I'll be too sore to I was following the last one! Have I mentioned that I really don't enjoy running? At all?

4. Kickboxing: I keep thinking I am going to quit and try this instead, but then I have a class like the one last night, or the one the time before that, where first and foremost I get totally WORKED, and where a 300 pound man says to me after class that I am "scary" and then wonders if "you used to be a streetfighter." It feels good to be a badass. Just three times a week. Oh what to do....

5. Feeling presidential: I dreamed up five different blog posts where I would say pithy things like I hoped Georgie wouldn't let the White House door hit him in the ass on the way out and other such witticisms...but then I watched the inauguration and was so taken aback with hope that I decided it might be best to just make like a horse, chomp hard on my bit, put my blinders on, and march steadily onward. It feels good, this hope, unity, this beginning. Real good.

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  1. Yes, you need to try out CrossFit! I've noticed you've been lurking and you just need to bite the bullet and do it. I promise you will feel like a badass there too :) Seriously though, I don't want to be pushy.... but you should try it for a comparison, no obligations, no hurt feelings if you don't like it.

    P.S. I like your blog AND I need to come see your house!