Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

25 Random Things About Me

There is a new game on Facebook and finally, after I'd been "tagged" about ten times I filled the thing out. I really don't know why I waited so long, as I love this stuff. And now, I am stealing Snarky Amber's idea and using it for a dual purpose post (I multi-task!). Heck, I may even tweet this puppy, come to think of it.

So this is how it write 25 random things about yourself, pick some people that are interesting, "tag" them and then hope that somone, anyone, buehler?!?...comments.

I am also going to include a couple comments I received at the end of mine because, well, they made my day and they might make yours too. You never know. So here it is:

You know the drill. Read it. Weep. Tag some people. Press on for my 25.


1. I absolutely LOVE reading these random things and have learned something new in every one. I feel a little funny about the broadcast though, I never imagine that someone will be as excited to read MINE as I am theirs.

2. Clearly, I have issues.

3. I moved back to Iowa from Bellingham, WA a little over a year ago. I miss the 'Ham especially during August.

4. I have been "writing my thesis" for a reeeeeally long time, but dammit I am putting a stake in the ground right NOW: I WILL graduate in 2009.

5. My job is somewhat boring and hence, I am told to "slow down" a lot.

6. My biggest dream that I have not yet attained is to attend the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training....and teach Bikram yoga.

7. I signed a contract to ride my bike for people who have never seen me ride, they just heard that I kicked some guy's ass once.

8. I love social media and the ultra fast pace of technology. Started with a MySpace, abandoned it, then FB, and am a twitter-aholic.

9. Tyler is nine and a half. You'd better not forget the half. It just became very important.

10. If you'd have told me that I'd still be a single mom ten years after the fact I probably would have jumped off a cliff...but I am surprisingly okay with it.

11. When I was younger I always wanted to be a teacher, now I think I would be in the looney bin if I were a younger kids. I want to teach college classes some day.

12. I am not very patient.

13. I struggle with staying present (hence reasoning behind goal # 6) and shutting off my monkey mind.

14. When I hear happily married moms say, "I am single mom for the weekend/night/week," it makes me want to punch them in the face.

15. I have one helluva roundhouse.

16. In the past 12 months my view of friendship, love, trust have all radically shifted and I am not sure that it is a positive shift.

17. I believe that most people should not marry before the age of 30 because it takes that long for most people to begin knowing themselves.

18. People tell me all the time that they would love to be as tall as me, but I feel like a bull in a china shop most of the time and cannot believe for a second if they were that they would like it. I also hate looking down at people when we talk.

19. OMG I think I would not make it through morning without an Americano. Black. Four shots. Please.

20. I have pencil lead in my back from a fight I got in at the library twenty some years ago with my brother. He does too. Our stories are the same, but different.

21. I never knew love until I loved my son. Sometimes I pinch him because I need a squeal/reminder that he is mine and real. Not just some very crazy dream.

22. I will remember with extreme clarity the night I held my screaming child away from myself soas to abstain from dropping him on the floor and running far far away... and I had the epiphany: "oh my god, my parents didn't have a fucking clue either." That night changed a lot of things.

23. I am legally blind and half deaf and left handed. See #2.

24. I am very much a scorpio and I will look up the characteristics/compatibility of others' birth signs to try to understand them.

25. I have a lot of questions.

The comments (edited to protect these people...cuz you never know):

Haha..I have to say yours was one of the better "25 Things" I've read! #14 made me laugh my ass off, couldn't agree more about #17 and I am a Pisces. :) I'm still working on mine...I've been tagged about 7 times now, I'm on #22, it's getting there.

This is awesome! Sometimes when I read people's random things about themselves I think they try to make themselves out better than who they really are but yours is so true to yourself! I love it and I love you even though it's been years since we've really sat down and hung out. Maybe the last time was from the summer of '93 softball??? I about cried at #21 because I feel the same way about my 2 sons :)

That was great! I really wish in high school I stepped out of my shell to really talk to people. In your 25, it shows how every one is more alike than not. And your right about # 22. I never thought I would have a child. But it is the best and it is scary!

Of course we're excited to read your 25 things. You are always honest and funny, which is why your so loved (and missed damnit). So wish you were still in the 'Ham, but so glad you aren't at the same time. :-)

then there's me again:
Jeepers...y'all are going to make me cry. I needed this today. Thanks!!


  1. I am so with you: 'When I hear happily married moms say, "I am single mom for the weekend/night/week," it makes me want to punch them in the face.' :) I used to have a boss who would periodically come in late because he was a "single dad" that day. Puh-lease.

    I can't remember where I found you (twitter?) but I've been loving your blog for awhile now... and as it turns out, I just so happen to be the only single mom IN the 'ham. You must have been the other one before you left. Small world!

  2. Ha! Loved this. So happy I found you. I'll be folling your tweets, mama!