Thursday, April 1, 2010

Observations From a Ride...

1. That hurt. Waaaay more than it should.

2. One can ride in a perfect square, as evidenced by a compass on one's handlebars, and yet, because one is Iowa, and because the crops are not yet up, one WILL encounter a head wind in every direction despite wishful thinking to the contrary at every turn.

3. When rolling slowly into a stop light and then trying to perfect (okay, improve upon) a track stand behind a car, it is utterly annoying when that driver begins to rev their engine and spew exhaust in your face. However, because one finds herself in her "happy place," (i.e. on the bike), the resolve to do something about this sudden meal of carbon in the grand scheme of things is, next to nothing.

When said motorist totally f#*ks up said track stand with the carbon sandwich AND by blowing cigarette smoke in the biker/girl's face, the girl goes from calm and collected and in a zen-like trance to fighting pissed in a matter of milliseconds. In fact, she's STILL kicking herself for not decking that chump.

4. Holy shit, what's with all the bugs?

5. There are a lot of golf courses in Iowa. I have heard to be sure, that there are more golf courses per capita in Iowa than anywhere else in America. I passed exactly two while pedaling last evening. I noted that there was not one party of those I saw who were walking. Every single one had a golf cart.

I wonder, is it illegal to walk some golf courses?

Also, I noted with a giggle at the first course and then a belly laugh at the second; there was NOT ONE GOLFER who was lining their shot up nicely on the green or fairway. Every single golfer was hunting for their ball in the tall grass or trees....their carts parked waiting nearby.

6. Motorcycles don't tend to adopt the slight wave to the biking community until much later in the season. It's as though they need to adapt or settle into their leather clad coolness first.

7. I saw many, many motorcycles out on the open road last night. Not a single one wore a helmet. I saw many, many bicycles out on the open road last night. Every single one wore a helmet.

8. Despite the fact that I whole heartedly embraced the suck last night, I arrived home giddy with anticipation over spending many days pounding the pedals with that crew pictured above, especially.

9. It is really astounding what one 80 degree day can do for a community literally buried for six months in snow. It also smells a lot like grilled steak.

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