Wednesday, March 31, 2010

29 Days of Giving Day 5 + 6

Day 5:
Wrote three short letters to different people expressing how grateful I am for their influence in a particular aspect of my life or their helping me get from here to there.

Instead of driving home after a business meeting, invited and met two great friends which I do not see nearly often enough for dinner.

Day 6:
Wrote three short letters to different friends expressing how much I miss them and made an attempt to make plans with each.

Made small PayPal donation to a charity one of my friends is particularly passionate about.

Took time from my workout to coach two team members on kickboxing technique. Wrote several others from my team encouraging emails congratulating them on their progress to date. Looked up exercises and recipes for one having a difficult time.

Spent two and a half hours working pro bono on a graphic design project for a friend who owns a small business.

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