Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fire Kornheiser...A Letter to ESPN 980

To Whom It May Concern,
As a recreational, commuting, and racing cyclist who has had multiple friends killed by motorists while riding on the roads, Kornheiser's comments that we cyclists should all be "run down" really struck close to home.

It is this EXACT type of attitude and behavior that has left a friend with out a husband/father because he was killed by an erratic motorist, and another friend with lifelong debilitating injuries he sustained because of another motorist (both who fled the scene, were speeding and were later found and ticketed $35).

I have multiple teammates who have been treated for post traumatic stress episodes following watching one of the incidents described above and countless other friends who have been hit, sustained serious injuries or killed by motorists. The two incidents described above happened in the span of 30 days (in one town) last summer.

This is not a joke.

The motor vehicle/bike issue should not be taken lightly and it certainly should not be made a mockery of on a national platform like your own. It is irresponsible and disgusting and promotes the types of assholes who leave people for dead after "tapping" them as Mr. Kornheiser suggested on your show.

I pay my taxes, own a vehicle and have just as much of a right to be on the road as Mr. Kornheiser does, and just because he chooses to drive in a motorized vehicle and I choose to ride my bike does not allow or entitle this waste of space to make lewd comments about how we should all be killed or at the least "tapped."

Mr. Kornheiser should be terminated. The image that he sheds on ESPN for comments like this one is ridiculous, distasteful, rude and potentially life threatening when you consider that hundreds of thousands KIDS tune in to your various network broadcasts to form their opinions about sports, athletes, and their behaviors about issues and sports.

I know first hand the influence your station can have on a young person as I am the single mother of a 10 year old ESPN junkie who wakes up every morning to race to the television to soak in your broadcasters every word, which he believes each and every word of and then parrots throughout the day to whomever will listen.

Now YOUR PEOPLE are telling my CHILD (or any dim wit who will listen) TO KILL HIS MOM? I can assure you I will not tune in to your station in any capacity again until this situation is rectified and neither will my son.

Do something about this...

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