Thursday, April 8, 2010

29 Days of Giving: Blah Blah Blah

I am behind.

It seems to be a way of life around these parts. That said, I am not behind in my "29 Days assignment" per se, I am just behind in recording my progress. You see, as I have continued with my challenge, I have come to find that I have no desire to continue to slap up here some ongoing list of 'I gave this', 'I gave that'.

It feels funny.

So I am not going to continue with that nonsense or hold myself to some dumb rule that says I must do so any more. I may record some anecdotal insights and stories instead. I may not.

My friend Steff gave me a Kolbe test the other day and that thing told me that above all else, I am no rule follower. So I have officially decided to stop following them altogether; self imposed and all.

Here is what I can tell you about one of my latest missions. I spent several hours looking for this egg cracking device that is apparently on late at night and advertised as one of those "As Seen on TV" items. I desperately want to find to send to my Grandpa, as he spent a fair amount of time Easter Sunday obsessing about the thing. Except, I CAN'T FIND ONE ANYWHERE.

The As Seen on TV site says: "Sorry folks, park's closed."

No wait, that's a movie. But trust me, those suckers aren't for sale on that website. Help.

*I shot that pic of those trees in Ireland, where they filmed some famous movie. I thought you needed to know that. So there.

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