Friday, May 8, 2009

Elkhart TT: Take TWO!

The second running of the Elkhart TT's was last night. Given that I am a seasoned pro (*cough, cough*), I figured this time it would not be appropriate to be dry heave off the side of my bike.

I felt like a complete pile of poo, but I did not puke. Somehow I also managed to shave a little more than a minute off of the first running's time, so that is cool. My legs felt especially crappy given the load of miles I'd already ridden this week; I sort of forgot about this little Thursday night gig while I did hill repeats and a crap load of miles over the weekend and therefore ran myself into the ground.

Ah, and learn...resting well has never been my forte.
Tomorrow we go to Finchford. The fun never ends around here, I tell ya. Results are from Elkart are here.

*pic is actually from Iowa City races a couple weeks ago. I was too busy cleaning the mud and sludge off my bike from Wednesday's ride to even think about taking a pic last night.


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  1. Hey Alison,
    I met you at the Elkhart TT last week. I needed my puppy fix and Marley fit the bill perfectly. I miss my girls! People tell me I need to have a kid so that I can get some perspective to which I quickly direct them to take that up with my husband. Anyway- nice work last week! I also accomplished something as I didn't fall with my fancy new pedals and shoes. I swear Aaron gets me into these things for the pure enjoyment of watching me suck. Joking, but speaking of sucking- he has been LAZY this year and needs his ass kicked into gear! Would you like to go for a ride with us sometime? He is a really good friend but it sure would be nice to have a female friend in the Des Moines area.

    Love your blog by the way.
    Take it easy.

    Lauri Lumm Usher