Monday, April 6, 2009

Bo and His Lady Friends

I've been mistakenly absent. For once, however, I have a good excuse. I have been hogging the babies.

First there is the eldest of the bunch, my niece Claire. She is the type of baby who could make a person keep having and having and having them (unless of course you are me, and know if you had another baby it would surely come out with devil horns to pay you back for all your sins). In all her time on earth, I have heard her cry exactly twice. And one time it was because I pinched her.

Kidding, kidding.

She is that perfect, I swear. Not a care in the world, she just sits around and smiles and giggles. Look at her, I think she needs to come live with her Aunt Ali, don't you?:

Next up, we have little Bo. In the event that you missed my press release, I was present for Bo's entrance into our crazy world. It has been fascinating to watch him change in such drastic ways in just a little over four weeks. His little fingers grab ahold of you like he's scared you're going to drop him on his head (he is wise beyond his years already), and he a little monkey; he scoots up your belly trying to nuzzle his way into his happy place. Here he is with his beautiful, strong and wonderful momma, who was pumping iron, SITTING ON A BIKE SEAT, and doing pilates, two weeks post-partum:

And then there is little Miss Vivi, who I only met for the first time last week. And who low and behold lives the closest to me of all these little cherubs. Her mommy had best be forewarned, I will be tromping over to her house just a few doors down again and again to get my fix for Vivi is nothing short of precious. She's full of expressions, likes to hold hands, flip off the camera, and bounce. Which of course about makes me melt. Check this beauty out:

This one is my favorite (my theory is she pooped and it smells):

My little man Bo is going to have a hard time deciding between all these beautiful women.

Kinda makes you want one, doesn't it? Or if you're like me you just surround yourself with these cuties and when they puke and shit and hand them back to their rightful owners, pack up your nearly self sufficient 9 year-old, drive home, pour yourself a glass of red, and sleep until 10 a.m. the next morning...just because you can.

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  1. I need you to come over and hold my babe...He needs a warm body 24/7 or you hear about it... but gawl darnit, I give in every time.