Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Suns Out, Corns In, Lilacs are Smelly

I planned to take today off as I have been hammering away at my legs for 11 days straight.

We hibernated for six long months here in Iowa throughout the winter though, and now it's nice and it's sort of akin to someone lifting up a giant rock; all the people come crawling out. At this particular moment, I cannot be outside sweating enough hours a day to stay satisfied. I also have a bit of backlash leftover from my years spent in Northwest Washington; where if there is an inkling of sun, you'd best get your ass outside or you might not see it again for weeks, if not months.

All was well with this lovely Hump Day off plan except I went to bed early last night, the birds got me up at 5 and I figured, what the heck, might as well hit kickboxing class this a.m. It's bags day and I find hitting and kicking things very satisfying. I had one of the best bag workouts I've had since...well Monday night's workout; complete with the near puke, arms shaking, stomach wrenching, legs trembling stuff.

And now it's six hours later and the damned sun (cannot find a cloud anywhere) is out for what feels like the bazillionth day in a row, there is no wind, no humidity and no mosquitoes the size of crows so I really now need to get on my bike. For the love of Pete.

Sure, there's not much to look at out on the road around these parts, but I DO have the greatest company most days. And riding and laughing might be one of the sweetest simplest pleasures of them all.

And as I sit here and relish in my new found endorphin fueled occurs to me that it's my people that makes my world go round. And soon enough, just when my people are all getting sick of my shit, the corn will be up, the sun will still be up, the mosquitos will be all around, it'll be humid as all get out, and we'll all be on Ragbrai.

In the meantime, I'm taking some time to smell the lilacs. I had forgotten about the lilacs around here--so many of them and so, so smelly.

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