Friday, May 23, 2008

A Perfect Storm

This morning at about 5 a.m. I was awakened by another perfect storm. It came complete with lightening striking at a thousand angles, a great exhale of heavy wind, and then the smell of rain. The thickness of the air and rain coming. And then there was the rain; the kind of rain that pounds down and sounds like a river suddenly running along the side of your house it comes down so fast.

The build up and subsequent release is a bit like a good cry/meltdown. You can stuff your "stuff" down all you want, but regardless of how well you may appear on the surface, there are little signs all around to alert you to what's to come. And whether you're ready or not eventually the dam breaks and it all comes pouring out.

It took moving to WA and watching it rain day after day to ever really appreciate these midwestern storms. While it seemed to never stop raining there sometimes, it never rained/stormed like this morning. I like to experience my sad moments in much the same way of these storms; building up quickly after what seems like months of sunshine, with a violent burst, purging of all that's there, and then nothing but a raw, cool meditative calm.

Today's cool, grey, blustery skies are likewise something I never appreciated until I lived in Washington. These are the days to wrap yourself in something or someone warm, reflect on release and be grateful that all that needed out, therefore came pouring out.

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