Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Half Marathon Anyone?

Well, one of my gym rat friends talked me into signing up for Dam 2 Dam, a 20K later this month. Small detail: I have not run in months. The Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training guide insists 12 weeks of preparation for a novice. I will take five. I will not under any circumstances run every day. I am already a bit behind in my posting, but will use this space to post my workouts.

I had to take about two and a half weeks off from working out altogether in March/April, so have my doubts about the feasibility of this little project. Nonetheless, I need something to keep me going and Jen insisted that if I could go out and run 10 prior to the race that I'd be fine, fine. Whatever. We shall see.

DAY ONE: Sunday, May 27
Run 8 Miles
Thank goodness for my dog. She pulled me the entire way. I am in desperate need of some tunes. Feet hurt.

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