Friday, May 6, 2011


Sometimes, even when I am with my bestest friends riding my bike, I want to quit.

I am a convincing lot too, when I reach that point. Typically, I'll quietly put my bike back on top of the bus, pull on a cozy pair of sweats and declare, to no one in particular, "It's margarita day, I'm sagging!"

At which point, my dear friend Scott always seems to be lurking nearby. Even though I swear, every damned time I am very far away from him when I make said declaration. Every time, he's there, and every time, he'll say, "You know Ali, you can't ride every mile, if you don't ride every mile."

And I look at him and say...f&*# you.

Then I pull back on the spandex, retrieve my bike from the roof of the bus, and begin pedaling. And eventually laughing.

Blogging, it would appear, is sort of like this. One cannot make good on a promise to blog every day...without, well, blogging every day.

The thing is, there has not yet, in all these years, been a single time when after the wanting to quit and not quitting thing, when I've said, "You know what, I wish I would have quit."

Instead, every single time after the fact I say, "Thanks for making me ride."

One day, I hope, blogging will feel the same. Then I'll say, thanks self, for making me blog.

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  1. Girl! Ain't it true?!

    Nice to meet a fellow cyclist who secretly wants to sag and grab a margarita some days...