Tuesday, August 3, 2010

another ragbrai complete

Another Ragbrai comes..another Ragbrai goes.  Not sure how many this is for me...thirteen...fourteen? Doesn't matter, they keep on getting funnier. They continue to amaze me in utter unpredictability.

Videos, photos, and commentary are forthcoming.  Quote of the week was never topped after the first night...nor were the schooners and loose meat sandwiches and the stench of ass at the place that served them.  But it's not every day you find schooners, and those other categories aren't really categories at all.

The winning quote, taking top honors among some other very funny stuff that came spilling from peoples' mouths:

"You're opening your mouth, and there is something coming out...but it is not words. It is something that is bending and folding. You need to ANNNNNNUNCIATE!"  

To be continued...

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