Monday, July 14, 2008

Misery Loves Company: We Pedal Into Two a Days

Feeling a bit panicked at the impending onslaught of hills promised on this years' Ragbrai, we decided last week it was perhaps time to kick up the mileage/saddle time a bit and do a few two a days.

Except we forgot to take into consideration our penchant for having beers and talking for hours on end at the end of our evening ride. We also neglected to recall really needing to clean Scooter's house for the fifty or so people he will host Tuesday night.

Nonetheless, we peeled our butts out of bed last week at 5 a.m., were on the road by 5:30, and met a few minutes later each day at our little meeting place a couple miles from our respective houses. We also got the house cleaned, rode at night, and spent the bulk of our days at our collective workplaces bitching about how tired we were as we tried to figure out just who's idiodic idea this was in the first place. And so the week went.

Misery loves company--and while most mornings we had little to talk about and I was too busy coughing up my lungs to think of anything, it was sure nice to bookend my day with someone pedaling away by my side. I am most certainly not a morning person, never will be. Scooter is.

While you'd think that a partner in training crime should sride with the same habits, I would offer the opposite to be true. He takes off in the a.m. and I hurt....and I think most days in the afternoon, the opposite is true. But we are collectively stubborn enough to never speak of this, and so we pedal on.

There are some pretty magnificent sunrises around these parts too...if you're awake enough to notice them.

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