Monday, July 7, 2008

And Then We Were Movin'

The following week marked a couple more grueling, wind whipping solo rides and then there was the move. With my life tucked in storage for the better part of a year, it became a lovely prospect to finally put the finishing touches on my Northwest adventure and drive in a permanent looking midwestern stake...or is it steak? :) I rallied my people, promised them cold beer, rented a very large truck, and opened up the storage facilities for the first time since last fall. Of course it started raining sideways and lightening almost immediately.

Then there was one flat moving truck tire.
One moving truck stuck in the mud.
One friend (with muscles) who was...mistakenly absent.
And low and behold when we opened up the storage....all my shit was covered in mold.
And rat poop. Oh well.

There is a great deal to be said about living off of two shelves for 10 months--you don't need much. There is also a lot to be said for my friends who showed up to help me. It sucked and they did not complain once. They did not even complain the following day when the wind was blowing 500 miles per hour and we were so sore we couldn't muster the strength to ride bikes. These types of folks are quite simply the reason I am here and what I sorely missed the past three years.

"Of course we wouldn't miss it," they said. "We'll get back on the bikes next week."

And we did.

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