Thursday, June 7, 2012


Yesterday I ran. I never like running, while I am in the act of running, it's the feeling I get after I seek.

Despite my staccato running habit, there HAVE existed in my past a nary handful of days where I achieved that 'in the act' timelessness people speak of.

It's something I can more readily achieve on the bike, or on my yoga mat, but I do know it exists, Running.

Allow me to be clear, I am currently no where near that point in my running fitness, and at this juncture that feeling altogether eludes me.

So I painfully hobbled along; tunes cranked to camouflage my breath, and I happened upon a woman. She walked her Vizla with authority, bright colored summer dress, belted at the waist, sassy shoes, clicking along the trail in front of me. She had presence, deep red hair cut into a bob and she commanded the space.  Her dog craned around as I approached and I startled her as I hopped into the grass to go around them.

As I passed I yelled, "Love the dress, you wear it perfectly" and continued on. Her response was a combination of a near shriek of delight, thank you and something else I couldn't make out over the bass of a tired rap song meant to incent pace.

I kept running.

I've wondered since why there isn't more of this; random compliments thrown towards strangers (or even neighbors) under odd circumstances, but that make a person's day?

I resolve to compliment more.
And keep running.

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