Thursday, January 7, 2010

T Says...

T is dancing and singing to some horrible song on his clock radio and it's not even 8 a.m. I've overslept, but feel amazing for the lack of interruption, my ringer off I missed several calls and forgot to set the alarm.

The dogs are prancing around, little claws digging in to bare exposed toes, knowing something here isn't quite right.

It's a snow day, but I still have to work and T and I are fit to be tied; the two of us dramatically celebrating and grumbling about our fates.

Eventually he dresses himself, brushes his teeth and goes downstairs, chores await. I slide into the shower, a few solitary minutes while he lets the dogs out, then feeds them before multiple heads peer into either side of the shower curtain, or he decides, like every morning to come in, take a poop.

I hear screaming, just as I lather my hair:

There's unusual emphasis there, I note, and stick my head outside the shower, soap falling into my eyes:
What honey? What do you need? I'm in the shower....

My voice trails off. He responds:

OMGosh you HAVE GOT to get down here and see this RIGHT NOW.
Kate Gosselin's got a hair cut. Or she got extensions, and she's actually PRETTY!

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