Friday, June 26, 2009

T Leaves

T left today for six weeks. Sending your baby off to a faraway place really sucks, but that is another story for another day.

Wednesday, I ask him exactly what he wants to do with Thursday...HIS DAY, his last day in Iowa ...until August 7.

I say we can do whatever he wants: Adventureland, the zoo, video arcade, water slides, pool, sleepover...totally his call.

I brace for the worst. My pocketbook winces. He thinks about it. Stares into the sky for guidance. Taps his foot.


"I want to watch ESPN SportsCenter all day...and that includes the NBA Draft!"

Me: Are you absolutely sure?

T: Yes, and lay on the couch and talk to you. No errands, no cleaning, no groceries. Just us, and Sportscenter.

So that's what we did.
We also laughed. A lot.
We cried too.

This morning, I left him at the airport with his Grandpa.
He left.
He turned to me before he went and he had a tear.

He tried to be brave.
His lip quivered.
He held onto Tiggs the stuffed tiger with all his might.

He said, "I love you to infinity and beyond, mama."

Turned, and was gone.

I got back into my car.
And cried some more.


  1. I am crying right now too! I know how hard this is---hang in there!!


  2. That is so sweet. I love your child.