Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ragbrai Blurbs: For Keri...Scooty Stays Puff't

Take note of this guy: charming, cute, and yet typically posed with a deep scowl and flipping the camera the bird. He is perhaps only smiling in this picture because he is wearing his brand spanking new Bad Monkey rain coat, which none of the rest of us ordered. He lives for these moments.

It rained all morning. It is now afternoon and things are starting to get silly.

Now, come with me for a minute:
Your ass hurts.
The chafe is really setting in.
You've knocked off 50 some miles of your day.
First 18 are sketchy as all get out.
You nearly sag.
This guy totally and fully GUILTS you into riding.
The road is shitty, full of holes your top tube might fit nicely in and could eat a tire whole.
There's rain.
Lots of rain.
A headwind.
Then...cross winds that make staying upright a chore.
Finally, there are a couple beers.
And then you are too soon perhaps, back in the line pedaling, this is guy pulling, you are a row behind.

You watch his calves awhile.
You watch the other guys' calves awhile.
You watch their wheels.
You try and duck behind that headwind.
You make a smartass comment.
Your girlfriend makes another.
You look up...and simultaneously you and said girlfriend notice that this jacket...this guy...the headwind has turned him into this Stay Puffed guy.

You laugh like you have not laughed in years; tears rolling down your cheeks, bike weaving and handlebars nearly tangling. You cannot breathe, you cannot possibly pedal, you totally screw up the line.

Yeah. Had to be there.

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