Monday, April 7, 2008

BOOK: Skinny Bitch--gives one plenty to bitch about

I recently finished reading Skinny Bitch, an impulsive buy and then read. I was roaming around Border's one ass biting cold day with nothing to do but read and then listen to one CD after another. God bless the barcode scanner and those germ infested headsets.

So anyway, I read three pages of Skinny Bitch and immediately was taken by a couple things. First, they said shit in the first paragraph, and it was especially appealing to see governmental types dubbed assholes for "fucking with the food pyramid." I figured, "what the hell else am I going to read today?" and bought myself a copy.

The premise of this read is a bit far fetched (for me at least); to become said "Skinny Bitch" one must throw away everything edible and become a bona fide vegan. No bleu cheese and dark chocolate, sorry, no skinny bitch here. Oh well.

That said, there are still plenty of snippets throughout to both gross you out and piss you off, whether its the USDA, the FDA, or a host of other corrupt types in our lovely governmental system. So now we can blame the government for making us fat just like we can blame the cigarette companies for forcing us to smoke and giving us cancer.

Pass the bleu cheese stuffed ravioli...

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